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We now have a Facebook page and Twitter account setup so you can get updates instantly. New posts on the website will be automatically posted to our social networks so you can be the first to know about anything new. We may also expand to do more with these accounts in the near future.

Like our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/stmargaretstwickenham or follow us on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/St_Margarets_RC.

A message from Fr Paul


Dearest friends,

Greetings and best regards from Paul.
It was  a great honour meeting you and your Blessings will be a blessing to many kids in my village.
While with you in the UK - St. Margaret of Scotland Parish and in Wales , I saved all the generous donations I was offered to the benefit of many other than profiting me as an individual - and this is the fruit of your hands.

Easter Prayer


Of all of God’ s gifts
Easter shows us our fate
Forgiven we will rise
And pass through Heaven’s gate.

This Easter remember
The sacrifice of a Son
And through his resurrection
Eternal life we have won.

This Easter I pray
That the love of God
Is resurrected
Reborn, renewed
Inside your heart
God Bless You!

Fr Christopher Silva

Lenten Project 2014


This year we are supporting Beds for Fistula Unit, Kitovu Hospital, Uganda as our lenten project. As in recent years, money raised will be split with 50% going towards to the Parish Building Fund and 50% going towards Beds for Fistula Unit.