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Introducing Facebook Login


You can now login to the St Margaret's Website using your Facebook account. Simply click on the Facebook login button at the top, or go to the login page and click on "Register/Login with FB". This prevents the need to remember another password and makes it super quick to sign up on the website.

Lenten Project 2015


Our Lenten Project 2015 will be for "Open Arms Malawi".

Result of last weekends voting:

  • Open Arms Malawi- 173 votes
  • SPEAR UK- 130 votes
  • Spoilt votes- 3 votes
  • 306 votes cast

The unsuccessful charity SPEAR are invited to re-submit their charity for the Lenten Project in 2016

There will be a Short Meeting in the Library on Sunday, 22 February 11.45am to discuss and coordinate events. See http://www.stmargarets-church.co.uk/events/co-ordination-lenten-project-2015-events.

The Human Embryo


Although a majority vote has sadly been passed this week in the House of Commons of the British Parliament, to approve regulations for the creation of human embryos using genetic material from 2 maternal sources at the moment of artificial conception, this still has to go to the House of Lords at the end of this month for further approval.

We urge you to circulate to all your colleagues wherever they are based the link to the petition against this proposal.

The human embryo is (One of Us), and the arrogance of the UK to imagine that they should meddle so drastically with the germline of the human embryo is extraordinary.

Congratulations to Pat Keane on 50 years of Serving


On Sunday 1st February 2015, Pat Keane was presented with his Gold St Stephen's Medal in recognition of 50 years of service at the altar. Fr Christopher also presented Pat with a Papal Blessing for his dedication. This is the first Gold St Stephen's medal to be presented at St Margaret's, and it is well deserved.

Photos from the event can been viewed here: http://www.stmargarets-church.co.uk/events/reviews/guild-st-stephen-medal-ceremony-2015