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Our Youth Club


The Youth Club kicked off the year last Friday with Games Night - 20 St Margaret's kids joined in for a fun night of friendship & laughter.

Thank you to Kirsten, Cliona and Kathryn for your energy and enthusiasm leading the evening.

If you have a child in Years 4-6 who would like to be involved, please email patricia.erhardtlewis@gmail.com.

Pastoral Council Meeting


Last week the Parish Pastoral Council held an open meeting to explain the events planned for the coming year. It was also the opportunity to introduce Lily McCaw who is looking after Parish Life, and Sean d’Souza who is looking after Pastoral Outreach. They have generously offered to take over from Lucia Martinez and Siobhan Bryant respectively.

Murder mystery - Actors wanted!


Following on our glorious tradition of putting on a Murder Mystery Play each year we now need two more actors to step forward for the 2019 show.

Date of the play will be: Saturday 23rd March and we do 9 rehearsals, every Monday evening from 21st January through to 18th March.

This will be our 13th year and so far we have had 25 different actors. If you want to have a go, speak with Joe Early – 07730 877 407 or Colin Messenger on 07831 246 111 or with any of the past/current actors to realise what fun we have had over the years – and how much we raise for the parish.

Children's Liturgy


Fr Peter is very keen to begin once again the Children’s Liturgy for the 10.30 Mass and would like to recruit some more catechists.

There will be two groups: Up to year 2 in the Library and years 3-6 in the Lower Sacristy

If you are interested please speak to Fr Peter. You will need to attend a training evening (date TBC).

Chefs wanted for the Alpha Course


We are seeking Alpha Chefs every week from Monday 1st October. The Alpha course will be running in the Hall on Monday evenings and we will be providing a simple meal. This is normally a casserole or similar for 24, plus a vegetarian option for a few. It would need to be delivered beforehand to be heated on the day along with either potatoes or rice. If you are able to help please would you sign the form on the noticeboard, The Parish will pay for the ingredients used. 

Parish Census


Over the last month over 1000 letters have been sent out to those on the existing Parish Census List because from the end of June, under new regulations for storing personal information, permission needs to be sought from the individual concerned. The lists date back 15 years and as one would expect many have from the original list moved away, some died and others worship elsewhere. The Office has already received a large number of replies that will form the basis on a new up to date list.