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Parish Pastoral Council Formation


Last Thursday, 23rd March, the groundwork for the formation of a Parish Pastoral Council was laid. The meeting was a very positive experience thanks to the able leadership of Patricia Erhardt-Lewis who led us through the evening assisted by Sarah Watts and Ann Edes. Those who came to the meeting divided themselves up into the five areas of parish activity identified beforehand namely the Liturgy, Catechetics, Parish Life; Pastoral Outreach and Care for the property. Each group was given the immediate task of helping prepare the Parish for Holy Week.

Lenten Project 2017


The results of our Ballot last Sunday to select 2 charities to bene-fit from the Lenten Project the results were as follows:

Home Start, Richmond 166 votes (Local)
GETA 142 votes (International)
Jesuit Refugee Service 134 votes (International)
INS 110 votes (Local)

Congratulations to Home Start & GETA who are the successful charities.

Would you like to join the Parish Communications Team?


We are seeking to form a small team to assist with communication in the parish. Primarily this will be to help run the parish website (www.stmargarets-church.co.uk) along with its social media accounts, but also to produce some printed materials. The only requirement is to be comfortable using a computer. There are many roles you could take on within the team, for example:

Parish Stewardship Campaign


Over the next 3 weeks the Parish will be holding a Stewardship Campaign to reflect on our commitment and involvement in the Parish (these topics will be discussed at our Evangelii Gaudium meetings) and our regular financial contribution to the running of the parish; over the next 3 weeks you will receive a leaflet at all Masses identifying the current financial situation; an encouragement to reflect on your current contribution and an opportunity to make any changes you might feel appropriate.

Thank You for Friday!


I would very much like to thank those who made Friday evening such a memorable occasion for myself and the Parish. Though I have been ordained for 26 years this is the first time I have been Inducted to a particular role in the church. The obligation seems quite daunting but I feel assuared with your help all that is required by the Parish Priest is indeed a realisable opportunity.

I wish to thank the Altar Servers, musicians, all those who helped with the Liturgy and all those who made the Reception such a lovely evening.

Fr Peter.

First Holy Communion & Confirmation 2017


First Reconciliation classes start on Sunday 6th November and candidates make their First Reconciliation on Saturday 17 December 2016. The course consists of 6 classes.

First Holy Communion classes (for those born before 31st August 2009) start Sunday 8 January. First Holy Communion Day will be on Saturday 20th May 2017. Forms are available at the back of the church. Please return the forms to the Parish Office as soon as possible to enable us to order books and other material for the candidates.