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Last Wednesday Bishop John Wilson came and baptised, received and confirmed twelve teenagers and adults. It was a very joyful occasion and the Liturgy managed to flow without any mishap. This was Bishop Wilson’s last visit to St Margarets before his translation to Southwark that is due to take place on Thursday 25th July, and I would like tot thank him for all the support and encouragement he has shown to me over the last three years.

Please pray for the newly baptised, confirmed and received First Holy Communion, William and Kathleen; Eleanor who was received into the Catholic Church, confirmed and received First Holy Communion and about to be married; Georgia who was confirmed prior to her marriage; and for our teenagers, Aisling Alison, Anna, Anna, Francis, Francesca, Max and Paul who were confirmed.

May I thank the Catechists, Pat Keane and Molly Baylis-Conway, and Deacon Joseph Estorninho; the music group, Emma Higham and fellow musicians; the altar servers; and those who ran the reception afterwards, Lily McCaw, Caroline Estorninho and Angie Keane.