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End of Year Message

On behalf of the whole Management Team, Fr Paul and the children of St Theresa's School, a huge thank-you for your support over the past year. Your donations at events and online totalling £9,000+ so far have made a significant contribution to the development of St Theresa's School.

Update from Fr Paul:

  • we purchased a Mini bus - 15 seater School van to transport the little ones who can't walk to school
  • we had a graduation party for those moving from Nursery to Primary One next year.
  • we are in the process of completing the Dormitory
  • we have repainted the whole school with the school's colours
  • we are procuring a new set of uniforms
  • we have 162 boys and 121 girls on register (total 283)
  • we are registering new pupils all the time and expect to add more in 2017

(note: the school year in Uganda runs from January to November)

Please keep Fr Paul in your prayers over the festive period. He devotes himself to his ministry despite continuing health problems. For further information email info@geta.org.uk or david.rose@geta.org.uk. Many thanks and God Bless at this joyous time.

(Go to www.geta.org.uk for more information and photos)


GETA (Give Education To All) was founded by a group of St Margaret's parishioners in response to the inspiration of Fr Paul Bigirwa. We are raising money to send to Uganda, funding the building, ma