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Youth club - 9th November

Another huge Thank You to our Youth Club volunteers! On Friday night 9th November, Jon and Nora Fry were our guests to lead an activity creating beautiful painted pebbles to leave around St Margaret's Parish. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled while strolling through the neighbourhood!

Kirsty Bainsfair, Sarah Jones, Anna Domanski, Kathryn James & Molly Bayliss-Conway very kindly and patiently spent Friday evening leading the games, providing snacks and looking after our Youth Club kids.

Please remember Nora, Jon and all of our generous volunteers in your prayers of gratitude this month.

Our next scheduled session is 14 December - parent volunteers are still needed please.

Please see the Youth Club newsletter coming this weekend for more info on the last session, particularly some important reminders for parents and kids. Email me on patricia.erhardtlewis@gmail.com if you want to be added to the newsletter.