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Christmas 2018


The Parish Celebrations
May I firstly thank everybody who was so generous over the Christmas period, both with regard to the Christmas collection that will help make up my annual allowance, and with the many presents too – though I plan to pace myself with the drinks!

The celebration of Christmas would not have been possible without the assistance of many parishioners, the choirmasters led by Emma Higham, Liz Benedetti and Gavin Evenhuis, along with their respective choirs; the florists and crib-builders, Ali-son Drew and Jimmy Green; the altar-servers, led by Pat Keane, the hosts for the post Mass receptions, Wally, Adrian and Kathryn McGuiness.

Thanks must also be given to Paddy Walsh for organising the Christmas Card drop within the Parish this Christmas. This initiative, now in its second year, undertaken with St Ste-phen’s for part of the Parish, required much planning and many volunteers who kindly agreed to distribute them in the streets near where they lived. I am very grateful for all your help as these Christmas and Easter card-drops keeps the Parish in the community’s eye.

Pastoral Outreach
The Parish is involved with two Pastoral Outreach initiatives, the Angel Tree, which has been a long-standing part of the Parish’s life and the homeless lunch, a renewed commitment of the Parish to the wider community. Both are firmly part of the Parish’s community DNA. This year the Angel Tree was organised by Catherine Sugrue and Angie Keane who arranged the names of the recipients, the suitable presents for each person or family, and who arranged for all the gifts to be wrapped and distributed before Christmas. Thank you must also be offered to the angels who gave presents and those who helped Catherine and Angie wrap and organise the presents.

Lastly may I thank all those who cooked and helped at the first of the Homeless Lunches that took place last Sunday, all ably organised by Sean d’Souza. The organising committee was overwhelmed with offers of food and help, and if you were not asked to either cook or help this time there will be plenty of occasions in the future to do so. This was the first time St Margaret’s had been on the circuit for many years, and so numbers were lower. Eighteen came and this was a great start. The whole event went very smoothly and the lunch crowd were grateful for the choices offered, and the ability to take some extra food home. The remaining food was taken to SPEAR (Richmond Homeless Charity) so nothing was wasted.