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Parish and Community Meeting


Just before Christmas I met with the newly appointed Diocesan Fundraiser, Kelly Tattersall, who will be helping St Margaret’s raise the necessary funds to renew the hall, kitchen and lavatories. One of the better ways of approaching grant making bodies is to demonstrate that the applicant, in this case St Margaret’s Parish has consulted with the Community about the use of the Church’s assets. This is best achieved by holding an open meeting to show what the Church wishes to achieve, and to invite all existing hall users to make their views known about the hall and complex as a whole. This generates a body of evidence that demonstrates that the applicant has reflected on the nature and purpose of the proposed changes.

The Parish is therefore holding an Open Meeting on Saturday January 19th from 12:00pm to 4:00pm in the hall.

This meeting is for anyone, including parishioners, to review what is being proposed by the Parish. These will be the same drawings as displayed at the Parish Pastoral Council open meeting a few months ago.