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Parish Pastoral Council


The first steps have now been taken to establish the St Margaret’s pastoral Council. The original meeting of Thursday 23rd March was well attended. For which I am very grateful.

The Council will be composed of fifteen members, three from each of the five different areas of Parish Life; Supporting Parish Life; Pastoral Outreach; Liturgy, Catechetics and Care of the Property. The Council members would help animate, with other volunteers the life and mission of the Parish.

The meeting in March focused very much on the immediate parish needs for Holy Week. Now I would like to invite anyone who may wish to serve on one of these five areas to offer their name . They would work with the appoint-ed member of reach of the five areas.

My aim is to collect potential names by Monday 24th April, and should there be more than two candidates hold an election on Sunday 30th April.

The first full meeting of the Pastoral Council would take place on Wednesday 10th May at 7:30-9:00pm to plan ahead for the next few months.

The division of tasks has made the celebration of Holy Week Holy a very spiritual and profound few days. May I thank on behalf of myself and all the Parish, those who have made the celebrations possible.