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Parish Pastoral Council Formation


Last Thursday, 23rd March, the groundwork for the formation of a Parish Pastoral Council was laid. The meeting was a very positive experience thanks to the able leadership of Patricia Erhardt-Lewis who led us through the evening assisted by Sarah Watts and Ann Edes. Those who came to the meeting divided themselves up into the five areas of parish activity identified beforehand namely the Liturgy, Catechetics, Parish Life; Pastoral Outreach and Care for the property. Each group was given the immediate task of helping prepare the Parish for Holy Week. If you kindly signed up to volunteer on the time and talent sheets I will be in contact shortly.

The Pastoral Council will be composed of 15 members, three from each of the five groups mentioned above, with Sarah Watts as Secretary and myself as Chair. One post will be appointed, probably from the leaders that emerged at Thursday’s meeting, and two elected members. The elections for these places will take place on the weekend of Saturday 22nd/Sunday 23rd. The Council to meet three times a year, to plan for the season ahead, and to have one parish wide meeting to hear the views of parishioners and explain what has been happening in the Parish.

If you would like to become involved with the Pastoral Council and stand for one of the places please let Fr Peter know.