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Readers and Extraordinary Ministers


The rotas for the period 9th September to 29th October are available at the back of the church. For all current Readers and Extraordinary Ministers, please remember to collect your copy.

Also please remember:

  1. To turn up at least 5 minutes early and make yourself known to the ‘sacristan’ at the back of the church;
  2. If you foresee that you cannot do it, please try to find a substitute or a swap with another reader/minister or advise the sacristan in advance.

All readers please remember to read slowly, clearly and confidently and make good use of the microphone. It is recommended that you practise the reading you are due to do in advance to ensure you are confident with any difficult words or names.

We are in need of some 'new blood' and as such are recruiting for new Readers and Extraordinary Ministers. If you are interested, please contact either Jean in the Parish Office or Paddy Walsh (paddy.walsh@ucl.ac.uk). Fr Peter will consider your application and you will be required to attend a short training session after which you could well find yourself included in the rota from November onwards.