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Sacramental Preparation 2017 - 2018


This forthcoming year new arrangements are being made with regard to the preparation for the sacraments. I am sure that I am not the only person to see a sharp drop off in the numbers attending Mass since First Holy Communion in May. This is a welcoming Parish, the standard of Liturgy is good, and children are welcome here. It is not for me to judge such families, and I have no wish to do so, but I do as a Parish Priest have a duty of care towards the precious things of God that runs in parallel with the commitment made by parents when they had their child baptised.

St Margaret’s has a duty of pastoral care to those Catholics who live either within the Parish boundaries or who have made this Parish their spiritual home though live outside the Parish. The sacramental programmes run by this Parish are not appropriate for those living outside the Parish AND who do not attend Mass at St Margaret’s.

  • First Communion: May I invite all parents who wish to have their child receive First Communion in May 2018 to collect a Mass attendance card from Fr Peter or Therese (10:30am Mass only). Please keep these cards as they will be needed on future Sundays. The possession of these cards will demonstrate the level of commitment required to have a child prepare for First Communion in this parish.
    Please also complete an application form and return it to the office.
    The dates and times for the First Communion Course have yet to be finalised but Therese will call a meeting for those parents interested before the summer holidays.
  • Confirmation: If you are currently in year 8 and would like to be confirmed in June 2018 please come and speak to Fr Peter after Mass today.