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St Margaret's Pastoral Council


At the last meeting earlier this year the Pastoral Council has been looking at the five aspects of Parish life and the following initiatives have been suggested.

The team will be hosting five sessions by Catholic Voices on 'How to defend the Catholic faith without raising your voice'. Each session will cover a different topic and will be held on Friday evenings from 7.30-9.00pm during May and June. The team will undertake an Alpha course during 2018/19.

Support your Parish
A team of Parish Ambassadors is being created of 10.30 Mass goers to welcome new Parishioners .

Pastoral Outreach
The Parish has joined a list of churches providing Sunday lunch for homeless people on a regular basis two or three times a year. We are looking for volunteers to help with this initiative.

There will be another Corpus Christi procession around the complex and garden on Sunday 3rd June after which there will be a parish lunch for the housebound and other Parishioners. The procession will be led by the children who recently recieved their First Communion.

Care of the Property
Another spring clean of the complex is due and the details will be announced soon. There will also be improvements made to the hall, bar, kitchen and lavatories.

Thank you to everyone who is involved in whatever way with the life of the Parish. If you are not currently but would like to be involved in any of the initiatives above, please contact either Father Peter on stmargaretsonthames@rcdow.org.uk or Sarah McKendry on mckendrysarah@hotmail.com

The Pastoral Council Members for 2017-2019 are:

Sarah Watts: Secretary
Marta Baker Orta: Catechetics
Siobhan Bryant: Pastoral Outreach
Lucia Martinez: Supporting Parish Life
Paddy Walsh: Liturgy
Patrick Collins: Care of the property