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This is the Website for the community of St Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church in East Twickenham. The website was built and is maintained by Andrew Polland, so please forward any questions, suggestions etc. about the website to him. This can be done either in person, via email (webmaster@stmargarets-church.co.uk) or via the Forums on this site.

For information about the church, please explore the Church Information section of the site, where you can find information about the parish team, the history of the church, mass times, contact details and information about the sacraments.

Visit the Newsletter section of the site to view our weekly newsletter, called "The Page".

For information about the various groups within the parish community (e.g. Choirs, Altar Servers, Social Groups etc.) please explore the Community section of the site.

Information about parish events, past, present and future, can be found by exploring the Events section of the site.

If you want content added to the website, please read the Adding Content page.

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St Margaret's Website Version 2.0 released on 13/11/13.