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100 Club


Join today and you could win.

Sign up to buy a £5 prize draft ticket every month; that works out to be £60 per year. A draw takes place each month and the winning numbers are selected by a Random Number Generator. Winners receive a cheque for £100 and there is also a second prize of £50. All the remaining proceeds go towards the Church Building fund.

Be in it to win it! Sign up now. Forms are available at the back of the church or from Jean in the parish office.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word


May I ask if there are any parents who would like to lead the children’s Liturgy of the Word on an occasional basis. A number of catechists have children of First Communion Age and so the Parish is short of catechists. If you are interested please let Fr Peter know. There are two groups Reception -Year 2, and one from Year 3-Year 5/6.

All new catechists will receive some training beforehand before being added to the rota.



If you would like your child Baptised St Margaret of Scotland welcomes you.

Please contact Fr Peter either after Sunday Mass or through the Parish office to discuss your child’s Baptism. You will also need to attend a Baptism Preparation Course. The next dates for these courses will be announced shortly.

If you wish to be enrolled on one of the courses or wish to book a date for Baptism please contact the Parish Office between 8.00-12.30pm on 020 8892 3902.

Welcome back


Welcome back after the long summer break. We hope that you had a very restful and enjoyable summer whether here or abroad. Our Vigil Mass on Saturday at 6.30pm resumes this evening and the first Page of the year is available to read on the website or you can pick up a copy in the narthex of the church.

If you are new to the parish we should be pleased if you would complete one of our Census forms available at the back of the church and return it to the presbytery.

Alpha Course


The next Alpha course is due to start on Monday 16th September. The meetings will take place at Harris & Hoole, owing to the generosity of Justine, the manager.

The timetable is simple, a meal at 7:00pm followed by praise, presentation and discussion. The meetings conclude at 9:00pm.

If you would like to join the next Alpha course please contact Fr Peter at the parish office.

Project 2019 Update


The appeal to raise funds for the refurbishment of the Hall, attendant facilities and basement was launched before the summer. May I thank those who attended the briefing sessions and who signed up to become a supporter of the project.

I am very pleased to announce that just under £50,000 has been either raised or pledged so far. This is a magnificent start and I am confident that we will reach the target set by the Diocese of £100,000. This will unlock a loan to supplement our resources to complete the project. The loan will be paid back through the rental income of the refurbished Hall.

First Holy Communion 2020


If you have a child currently in Year 2 or above who would like to receive First Holy Communion in May 2020 please collect a Mass Attendance card from Fr Peter. The reason for the cards is that the preparation required for every sacrament is not simply attending the course but of encouraging a way of life that gives any formal preparation a solid grounding. The understanding of the Church as simply the relic of communal family memory rather than the community of living faith is drawing to a close. The culture of this country is so profoundly secular that it can no longer carry the token Catholic.

Enjoy the summer!


Please note that during the summer break there will be no Vigil Mass on Saturday evenings; this Mass will resume on Saturday 31st August. We will also be taking a break from producing the Page. Our next edition will be on 1st September.

We wish all our parishioners a pleasant and restful summer.