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Moormead Fair


This year the St Margaret’s Stall at the fair will be to advertise St Margaret’s Church and its universal nature. My hope is that we will have a stall of small religious artefacts to sell. We will not be selling bric-a-brac this year. Sean de Souza, Jimmy Green and Fr Peter will be organising the table but if any parishioners would like to join them please contact the Parish Office on 020 8892 3902 or email stmargaretsonthames@rcdow.org.uk.

Roof Repairs


As part of the continuing renovation of the building the old discoloured roof lights have been replaced by new ones and the leaks to the roof have been plugged for the present, but this will be an ongoing problem due to the roof’s construction. The cost of the works will be taken out of remaining Growing in Faith Funds.

New Garden “Guardians”


We would like to wish volunteers Rochie, Sean, Matthew and George huge success and thanks for taking on the vegetable growing. Thanks also to the many people who have collaborated and supported the Parish in the garden for many years using the El Salvadorian communities we have helped as inspiration. There are still 2 family beds available for anyone who is interested.

Judith, Barbara and Simon

Volunteering Opportunities at SRRCC


As we prepare for our second public exam series at St Richard Reynolds Catholic College we are asking for your help to ensure all our students get the best possible chance of success and are looking for volunteer scribes who are able to commit to the exam period of the 15th May– 16th June (you will not be required during half term 27th—31st May).

Easter Offerings


The Collection taken at Easer is your offering to the clergy of the Parish and together with the Christmas offerings, Mass stipends and Stole Fees make up an annual amount which is then transferred to the Parish Priest on monthly instalments with income tax and NI contribution deducted. Over recent years the annual total has fallen short of the recommended amount allowed by the diocese so your generosity this Easter will be greatly appreciated.

‘Teenagers: human formation, faith formation, social media and the internet’.


After Easter the Parish will be hosting a series of talks on ‘Teenagers: human formation, faith formation, social media and the internet’.

The evenings will take place on Monday 29th April, Monday 13th May and Monday 20th May, and follow a similar format with tea and coffee at 7.00pm, talk starting at 7.30pm and followed by questions. All sessions will end at 9.00pm.

The three talks are:

Monday 29th April - Dan Wright, Headmaster of the London Oratory School.
‘Kevin and Perry do Jesus’ Teenage boys, human and faith development

A message from Cardinal Vincent Nichols


One day of Prayer for Survivors of Abuse on Friday 12 April 2019

In February 2016, Pope Francis asked each Bishops’ Conference to establish a Day of Prayer for Survivors of Abuse. In response, the Bishops of England and Wales designated the Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent to be observed as this Day of Prayer. This year, therefore, the Day of Prayer is Friday 12 April.

Calling all St James's Primary School Alumni


St James's Catholic Primary School is celebrating it's 125th anniversary this year and is writing a book about the school's history. To bring it to life, we would like to include personal insights and memories from ex-pupils, parents and teachers. If you can provide content and/or photos and if you would be happy to be interviewed please contact Patricia Erhardt-Lewis by email on 125thanniversarybook@gmail.com or by telephone on 07753627504.