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Soup Lunch

Soup Lunch with Fr David Cullen

Fr Patrick Fitzgerald WF - Fr Fitz - was a regular visitor to St Margaret’s since the 1960s as his mother was a parishioner here. However, when he returned from Zambia in 1991 shocked by what he had seen, he wrote an article in the St Margaret’s Page telling of the needs of young people there particularly of AIDS orphans.

We were all moved but it was Hazel Green, Jimmy’s wife, who decided that something should be done. She bought the soup bowls, made the tablecloths and invited a number of people to make soup or cake to bring and share with others. Thus the monthly Soup Lunches were launched and we are still holding them twenty four years later.

Those who dine are charged a modest sum but many people are very generous knowing that all the money raised would be put to excellent use.

Initially through Fr Fitz and now through Fr David who succeeded him, we are able to help feed the hungry, assist orphans and widows, and help prisoners in so very many seemingly small ways from our perspective but sometimes life changing from the African viewpoint.

The Soup Lunch is held once a month on a Friday from 12:15 to 1:30 pm – watch out for the date in the St Margaret’s Page. Do come and bring a friend and help raise more money for such a good cause.

If you could make a soup or a cake occasionally or help out on the day please give your contact details to Jean in the Parish Office.