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Altar Servers

Altar Servers Photo

We have about 40 Altar Servers at St Margaret's Church who have the honour of assisting the priest in the celebration of the Mass and other ceremonies.

New Servers

To become an Altar Server you must have made your First Holy Communion. We welcome servers just after having made their First Holy Communion, or any time after that (Children and Adults). If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Pat Keane.

We provide training to new servers, and we hold training sessions for experienced servers annually. We have a serving rota which is produced every 3 months, each server is generally put down 3-5 times per rota, but servers are welcome to serve at other times as well.


After a server has been serving for 2 years, they will receive their Bronze St Stephens Medal. After 10 years they will receive a Silver St Stephens Medal. We have recently presented the first Gold medal medal at St Margaret's to Pat Keane, representing 50 years of service at the altar.

St Stephen

St Stephen is the Patron Saint of Altar Servers. Servers enter the Guild of St Stephen when they receive their Bronze Medal.


There is the Annual Mass for Altar Servers at Westminster Cathedral. We generally attend this once every two years. We also have training sessions which we're currently looking at having several times a year, previously just yearly. The training sessions include walking through the mass, and recently we've included team building games along with pizza.