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Help: Adding an Event Review

An event review is an article about an event which has already taken place. You can add pictures and/or write about the event. If you have a group on the site, or the event was related to a sacrament, then you can attach it to these. Just follow the steps below.

Events Tab

Once logged into the website, click on the tab "Events".

Create Event Review in Sub Menu

On the sub-menu in the events section, click on the link at the bottom labeled "Create Event Review" (if you don't see this link, then you probably still need to login).

Add event title

You will now see a form which you can fill in to create an event review. Start by entering the name of the event in the box labelled "Title".

Select Group or Sacrament to attach to

[Optional] Then you have the option of attaching the event review to a group or a sacrament (or both). If this applies for your event review, simply select the group or sacrament from the drop down boxes.

Write about the event

In the Body section, write your review on the event or a short description about what happened. You can give as much or as little detail as you like.

Add photos for the event

[Optional] You can also add a photo or many photos from the event. Try to pick out the best ones if you have lots and make sure you have the correct permissions to use them if you didn't take the photos yourself.

In the section labelled "Event Images", click the "Browse" button to bring up the file explorer. Select your image in the dialog box (by double clicking, or clicking once and then clicking on "open") and then click the "Upload" button. Give it a moment and you will see a thumbnail of the photo you have uploaded.

Add alternate text

Then add an some "Alternate text" to describe the photo.

Upload more photos

[Optional] You can then upload another photo and repeat the process until you have all of them uploaded.

Select show as gallery

[Optional] If your event review is mainly just photos, then tick "Show as Gallery" to provide a better display for the event. If mainly text and only a couple of photos, then leave it unticked.

Add workflow comment

[Optional] Before your event review is published, it will need to be approved. If there's any message you want to put with your event submission, add it in the "Workflow comment" section. This will only be seen by the administrator.

Save button

Finally, click the "Save" button at the bottom to submit your event review. It will be published shortly.