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Help: Create an Account

Follow these steps to create an account on the website.

Create Account button

In the top right hand corner of the website you will see a link labelled "Create Account". Click this.

Create account form

You will be presented with a form to fill in to create your account.

Create account username and email

Enter a username of your choosing, and a valid email address.

Newsletter Options

You can then set your email preferences using the tick boxes. Selecting the "St Margaret's Page" you to receive the St Margaret's Page by email each week. Selecting "Website News" you will receive activity updates from the website.

Create account verification.

To ensure you are a human, and not a computer automatically submitting the form, you just need to enter the characters displayed in the image into the provided text box.

Create new account button

Then click the "Create new account" button at the bottom of the form.

Create Account Email

Then check your email. You should receive an email with a one time use link in it to login with. Click this linked, or copy and paste it into your internet browser.

Reset password login

This will bring you to a page where you can login to the site by clicking the "Login" button.

Account page

Your account page will then load and you will be able to set a password for your account. Enter your selected password in the "Password" box, and then repeat it again in the "Confirm password" box.

Save button

Finally click "Save" at the bottom of the form, then your password will be saved. That completes creating your account.