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Posada - Innkeepers and pilgrims needed in Advent


Small knitted figures of Mary and Joseph will be travelling through Twickenham this Advent. Innkeepers are needed to host them for a night as they continue their journey. Would you like to welcome them into your home? Innkeepers then become pilgrims as they take Mary and Joseph on the next leg of their journey to the next home they will be staying at.

The tradition of the travelling crib is hundreds of years old and originates from Spain and South America where each evening during Advent "Las Posadas" takes place ("posada" means inn or lodging). Pilgrims re-enact Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem in preparation for the birth of Jesus, travelling on their journey looking for somewhere to stay for the night. This is a lovely way to do something spiritual in Advent and enhance your anticipation of Christmas and the excitement of receiving again the new life that comes to us with the birth of the baby Jesus.

Young and not-so young; singles, couples and families can all take part. If you are interested, please sign up for one date on the sign up sheet at the back of church, with your name, address and contact details. Ann will then be in touch with further details of Mary and Joseph's journey. Any questions, please contact Ann Edes on 07837 095 837 or annxedes@gmail.com.